Bottlecaps is probably one of the gnarliest trails at Silvan MTB Park. It has it all, starting from the steep entry off Inverness Road through to some hair raising rolls and drops. Not to mention there are plenty of sketchy corners and slippery roots, especially when it’s a little damp. Then there’s the gap jumps (some sections held together with cable ties) and rough as guts rock garden. This is raw mountain biking at its best.

Having previously only ridden this trail once before I wanted to take my time going down on this day and session some of the bigger features.

On my first run down I ran into the same #trailfairies as the first time I went down Bottlecaps. Check out the Slips and Sticks video ( Shout out to them not only for the great work but for also offering to video me through the rock garden section. You’ll see them pushing their bikes up at about the halfway mark.

I then returned to the top. I recommend heading from the midway carpark up Inverness Road, it’s still a pinchy climb but it’s smooth without all the rocks and ruts. I guess you could self shuttle from the Mt Evelyn oval up Inverness Road, a much easier option.

At the top I met another rider, Chris, and had a chat about riding some of the trails at Silvan and suggested he take it easy for his first run down Bottlecaps. Hope you got down okay Chris and had fun.

In the end my second run was a full POV of Bottlecaps and I stripped all the sessioned jumps over the top of the POV. I also had a go at a bit of a vlog style intro, let me know in the comments what you think. Hope you like it.