Month: March 2020

Cathedral • Buxton MTB Park

This is a trail I’ve been wanting to post in full for a long time. Ever since I started riding at Buxton MTB Park. The reason I hadn’t posted it any sooner was because I’d never had the guts to do the full run...

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Bottlecaps • Silvan MTB Trails

Bottlecaps is probably one of the gnarliest trails at Silvan MTB Park. It has it all, starting from the steep entry off Inverness Road through to some hair raising rolls and drops. Not to mention there are plenty of sketchy...

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Norco Sight VLT • Demo and Review

This Norco Sight VLT review and demo was my third ebike run for the day at the Lake Mountain MTB Festival. The first was ridden on a Giant Reign E followed by the Santa Cruz Heckler. I forgot to put the battery in the GoPro for...

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