In light of a new minister appointed to this portfolio and the impending decision on a new trail network in the Yarra Valley and Warburton, here is the letter I penned in support of the new trails.

If you’d like to support the development of trails in Victoria write to the minister with your reasons for why you support new MTB trails throughout the state. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, a simple ‘I support MTB trails in Warburton’ in the subject heading and email body will do.

To Honourable MP Lizzie Blandthorn

Congratulations on your recent appointment but I’m sure you’ve quickly realised what an important decision now resides with you.

As a middle aged mountain biker I whole-heartedly support the building of new trails and facilities in Warburton and the Yarra Valley.

I took up mountain biking about six years ago as a way to keep fit and to reconnect with my then fourteen year old son. Turns out it was also beneficial for my mental health, especially during lockdowns.

What’s I’ve found is that mountain bikers are a close knit community that are a supportive and inclusive bunch who thrive on being outdoors and escaping from modern life by getting out in nature.

Over my time as a mountain biker I’ve travelled far and wide around the state but also as far as Tasmania and New Zealand. In fact, the crew that I ride with have just organised a trip to Tassie in February 2023. It’s not a small group either, we’ll have (at last count) 17 people going over. Some are coming from as far as Queensland! Imagine if all those lunches, dinners and post ride drink dollars were spent in our own state. And rather than just passing through Victoria to get to Tasmania, interstate travellers make Victoria their last stop *KACHING*.

Tasmania is developing trails at a break neck speed and managing to revitalise dwindling communities and working in harmony with their environment (apart from some reckless logging that still goes on around their most beautiful trails in Derby).

Some of our best trails are situated in logging areas and disused quarries and we often have to relinquish our trails to make way for developments. Illegal trail build is a growing problem because our sport is growing and there just aren’t enough trails around. I’m sure you’ll consider your decision carefully but I do hope it will be favourable toward mountain bikers.

I support MTB trails in Warburton and Victoria.