This is a trail I’ve been wanting to post in full for a long time. Ever since I started riding at Buxton MTB Park.

The reason I hadn’t posted it any sooner was because I’d never had the guts to do the full run with all the gap jumps. So after achieving the huge milestone of clearing the largest gap jump – the log gap – in late 2019, it was finally time to head back with the #sendysquad.

I’d pre-warned them I wanted to do a full run, with jumps, in a big train. We ended up with five riders, ordered from slowest to fastest so that it forced us to stick together for better visual effect on camera. It also meant Matty and Dan got to show off for the camera with tail whips, schralps and nose bonks galore. Rider order was Tuan, Braydon, Dan Matty and myself.

Keep an eye out on the last gap jump when all riders are seen popping up close together (1:50). Stay tuned though as I’ll also post a montage of the trail sessions before the full run.

Enjoy! I did.

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