This Norco Sight VLT review and demo was my third ebike run for the day at the Lake Mountain MTB Festival. The first was ridden on a Giant Reign E followed by the Santa Cruz Heckler. I forgot to put the battery in the GoPro for the first ride though which is why there’s no video for that one. I wasn’t a big fan of the Giant though so wasn’t too fussed about missing this one.

The Norco Sight VLT was a nice bike and performed as well as the Heckler but the biggest issue I had with it was the dropper post lever placement. It was positioned above the mode selection switch and way out of reach. I found myself nudging the mode setting on a number of occasions instead of raising the dropper seat. I was told you do get used to it but for my liking I feel the dropper is more important than mode setting changes.

You can certainly hear more panting on this video as this is now the third (and fourth) lap of putting the ebikes through their paces. Make sure to watch the snippet from the fourth lap (6:44) to see a slight mishap.