Trigger Track at Lake Mountain MTB Trails doesn’t offer the same views that you’ll find on Bypass or Granite Grind but if you plan to ride the full Lake Mountain to Marysville trail you may prefer this easier option at the start.

It cuts out some killer, but picturesque climbs and some seriously fun downhills to get you warmed up. But for the uninitiated, a full Marysville descend takes up to 3 hours and includes up to 600m of climbing, so eliminating the summit climb for those that prefer the downhills this track is a welcome start.

It’s also a great trail for beginners who want to simply loop around the lower section of Granite Grind. Combined with Snake Ridge these shorter network of summit trails can still keep you entertained for a few hours.

The trail itself is pretty sedate as it winds through some beautiful alpine forest. Along the way you’ll find a few little rock gardens, fun little descends and the occasional jump.

We chose to ride Trigger Track because we’d already ridden four loops at the summit on some demo ebikes and were already tired. Check out my ebike reviews on the Santa Cruz Heckler and Norco Sight VLT here:

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