There’s a lot to be said about the viability and the prospect of Warburton becoming Victoria’s premium mountain bike destination and Hey Hey My My could be considered reasonable ‘proof-of-concept’.

Hey Hey My My is 3,000m of old-school technical Cross-Country and All Mountain trail. Built by hand, just South of Mt Little Joe, on the western slopes of Mineshaft Hill, Hey Hey My My climbs and descends over 285 vertical metres along its twisting length.

Mt Little Joe rises an additional 100m above Mineshaft Hill and Mount Tugwell an additional 280m above Little Joe at a height of about 800m above sea level. This area is sure to be a great year-round destination as Mt Donna Buang’s peaks are covered in snow in winter.

Only minor enhancements will be made to Hey Hey My My as part of the new masterplan and it will remain aimed at mountain bikers with intermediate to advanced skills.

It’s true what they say though, the climb to the top of Hey Hey My My is brutal. There are short glimpses of a downhill flow reprieve that are just not long enough for a decent rest and are immediately met by more pinchy switchback climbs.

The surrounds and track is reminiscent of Silvan and even the trail features have a hand-built quality to them.

If you’re familiar with the Cathedral climb at Buxton I’d say this one’s harder. It’s about a 30 minute climb with a 5 minute downhill and is just under 5km in length.

For more information about the Warburton MTB project head to the official website:

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