Lysterfield MTB Park, you haven’t really ridden ‘Lysty’ until you’ve ridden Aneurysm – it’s a rite of passage.

It’s probably the most accessible ‘downhill’ of the more challenging trio of the Lysterfield trails that also include Follow me and Commonwealth Games Track.

It’s a great trail for those new to mountain biking and want to up-skill their technique. If you’re capable of riding the first drop you’re probably capable of riding many of the other features along this trail. Even for the trickier, bigger features you have the option of riding the b-line. Be cautious of the table top and gap jumps near the finish though as I’ve seen a few riders get unstuck there (including myself).

Get to the end unscathed and simply cycle back to the top via the fire trail to have another go. You also have the ability to session some of the trickier features with entry points from select point along the fire trail.

Why not head out to Lysterfield MTB Park today? Tell us in the comments what your favourite Lysty trail is.

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